19 Local Groups Receive Council Sponsorship Support

Hilltops Council has given worthy community groups a boost.

In order to enhance the variety of events held across the Hilltops Region, Council is providing sponsorship to 19 local groups to help maximise the economic and social benefits they generate.

Hilltops Council Mayor Brian Ingram said as part of the latest round of sponsorship funding, $37,530 has been invested in local groups to help optimise events that benefit the broader community.

“Hilltops Council is committed to providing support to groups across the area who undertake events or activities with the aim of including the broader community in a way that provides a significant economic benefit,” Mayor Ingram said.

“The social aspects of these kinds of events – whether they be large-scale regional events, or small scale events that just focus on a particular town or village – is also vitally important, and Council’s sponsorship is tailored towards supporting events that encourage social inclusiveness; in other words, events that get everyone involved,” he said.

Sponsorship funding of up to $5,000 was made available for groups hosting a region wide event/activity. Funding of up to $2,500 was available for groups organising a specific town or village based general community event/activity, or sporting events/activities of state or national significance.

Future sponsorship funding rounds will be advertised on Council’s website.

Hilltops Council
Hilltops Council

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