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Rick Old, June Greaves, Jenny Old, Judy Hesketh and Janice Ottey (Library Manager) at the Author Talk.

Author Jenny Old visited Young Library last Friday to hold an Author Talk on her travelling book tour. She is the author of recently released ‘Back of Beyond’, the story of her time on a property in the remote Gulf Country of Far North Queensland.

Jenny gave an overview of the book with a slideshow to bring the elements to life. She then had a question and answer session where she gave audience members the opportunity to ask for additional details.

Jenny then revealed she is currently working on a prequel to the book, which will detail more of her time spent overseas before she moved to the Gulf.

The book was originally self-published as ‘MacAllister’, which is the name of the property, before being picked up by Allen and Unwin and republished as ‘Back of

Jenny spoke about how she and her husband recently returned to MacAllister, noting how different it is now to when they left.

She also spoke about how she is spreading the word about the drought currently affecting Australia, having a firsthand understanding of the challenges farmers face in running a property.

Jenny said, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”

The next Author Talk is by Rochelle Nicholls on her book Hell and Highwater. On Wednesday 15th August she will be at Harden Library at 10.30am and Young Library at 2pm. On Thursday 16th August she will be at Boorowa Library at 10.30am.v

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