Back to School Health Hints and Tips

It’s time to prepare for the school year as teachers and students head back to school in the Hilltops this week. The Heart Foundation has released some great tips and hints to keep you healthy through the whole school year. Some of the easy ideas to follow are why not use hummus or avocado instead of butter on sandwiches and make drinking water enjoyable with fun drink bottles that can be refilled throughout the day. Try something new for the school drop off. Maybe jumping on your bike and cycling to the bus stop, or walking to and from school.

When asked about the benefits of kids staying fit and active throughout the school year, Principal of Young North Public School Kel Smerdon said “Healthy kids are happy kids. Not only does it create more focus and achievements in learning but playing sport is beneficial to their social circle”.

It is important to start your day off with a good breakfast but on those mornings when you’re running late, have a back-up breakfast plan like a piece of fruit or yoghurt. “There can be a large gap between breakfast and the recess break so we run a fruit break program where the kids have a piece of fruit before recess which keeps them engaged and fuels them through the morning session” Principal Smerdon said.

For more health advice for keeping your kids fit and healthy this year, visit the Heart Foundation website

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