BANGO Wind Farm

An example of a wind turbine that may be used at the Bango Wiand Farm.

Many readers would be aware of the proposed Bango Wind Farm to be constructed on land between Rye Park, Kangiara and Boorowa.  It is proposed for it to span an area of 10km x 10km.  At present the Bango Wind Farm is under assessment by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), and also by the Commonwealth Department of Energy and the Environment (DEE), for approval. The assessment process will take many months because there are so many aspects that need to be evaluated including but not limited to noise, visual, transport and environmental considerations. 

Approval is being sought for construction of up to 75 wind turbines, with a maximum allowable tip height of 200m – this will mean that the distance from the ground to the wind turbine hub, plus the blade length will not exceed 200m.  The capacity of the wind farm will be approximately 150 MW Based on a 150 MW wind farm capacity, you would expect the Bango Wind Farm to produce about 460 GWh of clean electricity every year, which is enough to power approximately 75,000 average Australian homes. To put this in context according to Kristin Old the Development Manager from CWP Renewables “this is enough to supply the Hilltops Council area ten times over”.

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  1. The wind farm should have already been build – the objections about noise etc are mainly from people who didn’t get the turbines – there are no proven health issues – the wind turbines have been used for decades in Scandinavia with no problems and are working well off the Scottish coat providing Scotland with renewable clean energy – I wish people would get a grip and stop their nonsensical objections

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