Book Week At St Mary’s Primary School

Thing 1 and Thing 2 at the Book Character Parade.

Students were treated to a visit from award winning author and illustrator Christina Booth. Christina inspired students to write authentic stories during her writing workshops as well as provided demonstrations of illustration techniques.

The school hall was overflowing with excited students, parents and staff for the Book Character Parade. An amazing array of characters paraded and danced with delight reflecting a joy filled celebration of the love of books.


The Classroom Learning Support team prepared “Tough Boris” for the students, reflecting on the importance of treasuring friendship and supporting one another during difficulties.

Tough Boris

The smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the BBQ wafted through the playground as Dads enjoyed a special breakfast. In the lead up to Father’s Day students and their Dads enjoyed a delicious breakfast whilst they read and shared stories together.

Father’s Day brekkie and books

Invited members of the local community visited the school library to read and share stories with students from Kinder to Year 6. Guest readers included Emily Calvert (YRSM), Ryan Terry and Angus Randall (Young Fire Brigade) and Senior Constable Vinh To (Young Police Station).

Stories can feel like treasure when they speak to us and understand the way we think and feel. Students are excited about their search to discover the next great book!

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