DIG PLANT GROW – Garden Workshop

Identifying pests like borers is important for the management of your garden

Last Saturday Glenice Buck held another one of her garden workshops in Young. All of her workshops aim to be educational and to give people helpful and informative garden knowledge, recommendations and advice.

Glenice has over 20 years experience in the horticulture industry, she has worked in many areas of horticulture from retail nurseries, wholesale (growing) nurseries, landscape design, garden maintenance for residential and commercial properties and the arboriculture industry. She has had her own business for over 12 years. Having this hands-on knowledge about all areas of horticulture allows her to give very practical advice and recommendations.

Last weekend’s talk was called DIG PLANT GROW for a good reason as it covered all areas and levels of gardening from digging out a garden, planting out your plants and then growing and maintaining. It was broad in its range of topics it covered. The aim was to give attendees as much of the essential knowledge you need to know as a gardener no matter how much experience you have.

Glenice recommends that you get to know your site (garden) first. If it’s a new garden, she recommends you live with the space for twelve months to see what happens in the garden throughout the seasons before you start doing any major landscape works. She gave us many insider tips from getting to know your soil (texture and pH), to preparing your soil for planting, how to select healthy plants, the correct methods of planting, fertilizing, mulching, identifying pests and diseases in your garden and ongoing garden care. The talk was directed towards those who are already gardeners and those who want to learn more about the art of gardening.

If you would like to know more about the garden workshops Glenice holds or if you would like to subscribe to her Garden Newsletters, please send her an email Email: glenice@glenicebuckdesigns.com.au or give her a call Mobile: 0417 077 386.

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