Do you know where your superannuation is?

The ATO is currently holding over $17 billion in lost and unclaimed superannuation monies. Yes, you read that correctly. $17 billion!

They have now been able to quantify this for each postcode, maybe one of these lost superannuation accounts could be yours!

Harden has 296 lost or unclaimed Super accounts totalling $1,540,639

Galong has 22 accounts totalling $111,007

Boorowa has 268 accounts totalling $1,203,843

Grenfell has 278 accounts totalling $1,387,026

And Young has 1,265 accounts for a massive $5,165,139

This is according to the latest profiling by the ATO. Have you checked to see if you are on the list? Check it out, you may have a Xmas present waiting for you.

Certainly worth taking a look, don’t you think?

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