Drought Relief Package

The three major elements of the $500 million Emergency Drought Relief Package are:
• Approximately $190 million for Drought Transport Subsidies
• Approximately $100 million for cutting the cost of farming fees and charges – by waiving Local Land Services rates, waiving fixed water charges in rural and regional areas, and waiving class one agricultural vehicle registration costs, among other initiatives, and
• $150 million to bolster the Farm Innovation Fund (FIF) infrastructure program;
The package also includes funding for:
• Counselling and mental health;
• Critical services in regional communities including transporting water and drought related road upgrades and repairs;
• Animal welfare and stock disposal.
Drought Transport Subsidies
• Up to $20 000 per eligible farm business
• 50% of the full cost up to a maximum of $5 per kilometer and 1500 kms per journey
• For the cost of transporting fodder, water and stock to and from agistment and stock to sale or slaughter
• Backdated since the 1st January, 2018
Waivers on government fees and charges
Local Land Services rates
The NSW Government will waive all LLS rates for all landholders in 2019, including General Rates and rates for Animal Health, Pest Animals and Pest Management, the Meat Industry Levy, and costs of Routine Stock Moving Permit and Stock Identification. Contact Local Land Services for more information on 1300 795 299.
Fixed water charges in rural and regional areas
The fixed charge component of water licences issued by Water NSW will be waived for licence holders in rural and regional NSW. The water usage fee component will still apply to all water users. Contact Water NSW for more information on 1300 662 077.
Class One agricultural vehicle registration costs
Class 1 agricultural vehicles will be exempt from the next annual registration charge. Contact Service NSW for more information on 13 77 88.
Farm Innovation Fund interest charges
All existing Farm Innovation Fund customers, and all applicants who submitted an application on or before 30 July 2018 will have applicable interest charges for the 2017/18 financial year and 2018/19 financial year refunded. Contact the NSW RAA for more information on 1800 678 593.
The NSW Rural Assistance Authority will begin processing applications from Monday August 6. For more information on the NSW Government’s emergency drought relief package visit www.droughthub.nsw.gov.au

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