Escape the Winter Chill with Heating Solutions

Ok, so it probably won’t snow like the rare event that occurred in Boorowa almost two years ago, but it’s still a wise idea to ensure your home is effectively heated.

As we pack our summer essentials away and start bringing out the winter warmers, you may be thinking about adding some heating solutions to your home. During winter, we tend to spend more time indoors so it can be well worth the investment of heating installation.

The Hilltops region has a network of tradespeople and retailers who can help in this field – whether you need to speak to a builder to include ducted heating in your renovation, require a reverse cycle air-conditioning system installed or have maintenance needs. Their system is simple- pay them a visit or give them a call, and they will jump at the opportunity to help you with your needs!

Below are heating options you may consider:

Ducted heating

Ducted heating has a central unit that distributes heat through the house via ducts, allowing for controlled heating throughout the home.

Hydronic heating 

Hydronic heaters use hot water to heat the home so it’s energy efficient, safe and reliable. They work best in cool climates, but when there is no frost, so a great system for late autumn or early spring in the Hilltops region. You can also add towel heating functions as well.

Reverse cycle air-conditioning 

This type of Air Conditioning will cool your home in summer and heat your home in winter. In a climate like that of the Hilltops region, that needs both options, this could be the most economical installation.

Cleaning and maintenance 

If you already have a heating system in your home but require maintenance, there are tradies in the region that can assist you here too. Get quotes from local tradespeople to make sure your system is clean.

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