Hennessy Catholic College would like to introduce its newly elected Leadership team for 2020

Back L to R: Albert Cavanagh, Sid Sell, Zach Sommer and Max Tiernan. Front L to R: Sarah Penfold, Bridie Minehan, Bronte Mewton, Kara Mooney, Hannah Mooney
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17 committed senior students bravely put their hands up for selection. Each student was required to present to the college body a 3 minute speech about who they were and why they should be elected to the college leadership team. These 10 students were selected by their peers as their representative for 2020.

When asked what they would like to achieve as leaders the students had this to say:
Zach Sommer would like to encourage his fellow students to be ambitious about their passions and assist them in perusing their visions with confidence.

Bridie Minehan would like to focus on college wellbeing, whilst leading by example and pursuing her academic dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

Max Tiernan hopes to enhance college unity across all year groups so that we may work more effectively together and have a versatile learning and social environment.

Sarah Penfold would like to instill her love for Hennessy College in others, believing this will help empower her fellow students to strive for excellence in all aspects of college life.

Kara Mooney is keen to establish stronger connections within our vertical pastoral care groups so that all students feel involved and a greater sense of belonging. Bronte Mewton aspires to bring her hard-working ethic and organisational skills to the table to assist the team to achieve great things within the community.

Albert Cavanagh would like establish good communications within the college and to be the voice of his fellow students with regard to issues, ideas or questions.

Hannah Mooney would like to encourage student participation in all aspects of college life. She would like to encourage her fellow students to step out of their comfort zones and hopes that in doing so students will feel more connected and possibly make new friends.

Sid Sell intends to utilise his experiences and passion to be a great role model for his fellow students in all areas of college life.

Elly Sabidussi plans to be a happy, confident and positive role model for her fellow students, leading by example and involving herself in all the opportunities that Hennessy offers socially, academically and on the sporting field in the hope that others will do the same.

Our leadership team head off to Gerringong this week to participate in a leadership camp where they will partake in a variety of activities and workshops to enhance and improve their leadership skills. Whilst at the camp, the students will collectively decide on their roles within the team.

Hennessy would like to congratulate our successful candidates and we are excited about what our new team will bring to the Hennessy table.

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