Love Bites

Love Bites is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program. Love Bites promotes an integrated partnership approach to prevention and generates local ownership of the program. Professionals such as sexual assault workers, domestic violence workers, youth workers and police facilitate the program.

On the 11 May 2018 Boorowa Central School Year 11 and 12 students actively participated in the Love Bites program.

The first session was on domestic violence of men, women and children. In this session they learned that there are 9 different forms of domestic violence including; cyber bullying, physical, sexual assault, financial, cultural, verbal, emotional, stalking and intimidation and social.

Students also learned about the community campaign which is an effective way for young people to engage with the entire local community concerning issues of domestic and family violence.

Some of the things they learned were:

· What a respectful relationship is.

· Warning signs of potential sexual assault.

· The need for consent for a range of situations.

· The cause and effect of domestic violence.

· The role that a bystander plays and what they can do to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

· Who to go to for support

Students came together at the end of the day to create art works highlighting the key messages of the day and raising awareness within the school and wider community. Hopefully they will be used to break down stereotypes and myths surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault.

Together we can change the way our community values respectful relationships, now and into the future.

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