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The first meeting for the Hilltops Connect was held in November last year with over 40 business owners and supporters in attendance.  Hilltops Connect is an informal networking meeting by business for business from the wider Hilltops Region. All the feedback and consensus from the first meeting was positive and the momentum was there to ensure this network group continues to evolve and grow and play a part in the regions plan for businesses to say connected.  The overall goal of the meeting is to meet fellow business owners, develop an understanding of what we all do and then to enable discussions between business owners about what they can do to work together using each other’s strength and capabilities. Each meet up will involve 3-5 ‘pitches’ from local businesses, who talk about their business and what they bring to the community. The rest of the night will allow people to network and meet other like-minded businesses.

The second event for Hilltops Connect will be held on Tuesday February 20 from 5:30pm at the Wombat Pub. The meeting will be for an hour or so.

Hilltops Council, The Federal Government Department of Industry, & leading Hilltops business groups (Harden Regional Dev Corp, Boorowa Business Association & Young Development Corp, Hilltops Women in Business) & a range of others are working together in support of these meet ups.

If you have any questions – please give Michael Tomlinson a call on 0488 488 452 or email on

Glenice Buck
Glenice Buck

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Glenice is a landscape designer, horticulturist, garden writer and consulting arborist based in Young but she also works on projects throughout country NSW including Sydney. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Glenice enjoys visiting famous gardens, parks and nurseries around Australia and throughout the world. She is the principal of Glenice Buck Designs.

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