NSW Farmers Welcomes Grasslands Mapping Approach

NSW Farmers’ Association is pleased the state government has listened to its concerns, announcing there will be no native vegetation regulatory maps for grassland areas.

The state’s new biodiversity laws, implemented on August 25 includes new regulatory satellite mapping, however the Association highlighted to government concerns that its mapping is unable to determine conservation value of grasses.

NSW Farmers’ Native Vegetation Working Group Chair, Mitchell Clapham says the government’s decision not to implement grasslands mapping is a win for
local farmers.

“The announcement this week that the vastly inaccurate regulatory maps are not part of the regulations underpinning the new framework is a significant step forward for local NSW Farmers members who have been pressuring the government for years to do something about the former Native Vegetation Act,” Mr Clapham said.

“The recognition that these grasslands are under the serious and irreversible threat of prolific weed infestation should be the priority of Government.”

“Discontinuing with the grasslands mapping will not however, solve all of the mapping issues for the State. There are widespread and serious problems with the current mapping approach for the whole state. The grasslands difficulties are symptomatic of the broader problems in mapping the vegetation of NSW.

NSW Farmers will continue to impress upon government that the native vegetation laws must provide social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Glenice Buck
Glenice Buck

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