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Golden Glance Nursery - Hilltops Phoenix

We’re now in August, and that means that in the Hilltops region, it is the time to start growing organic vegetables.

In the South West Slopes, vegetables that should be planted  include Asparagus (crowns), Beetroot (seeds), Broccoli (seedlings), Cabbage (seedlings), Carrot (seeds), Garlic (seeds & corms), Leeks (seeds & seedlings), Lettuce (seeds & seedlings), Onions (seeds & seedlings), Parsnip (Seeds),Potato (seeds), Radish (seeds), Rhubarb (crowns), Strawberry (potted plants), and Spinach (seeds & seedlings).

Golden Glance Nursery has all of the plants and soils that you need to start your organic vegetable gardens. They’ll also give you the right advice on what you should be doing as well.

Hilltops Phoenix
Hilltops Phoenix

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