Planting within Pudman waters

Craig Southwell and Geoff Darnell planting diversity within Pudman Creek

Last week, four members of Boorowa Community Landcare planted Knotted Club Rush and Juncus usitatus Common Rush within the waters of Pudman Creek.  Dianella revoluta was also planted on the creek banks to add diversity to Geoff and Sharman Darnell’s Pudman Creek frontage within their Rye Park property.

Boorowa Community Landcare is managing an Environmental Trust grant titled Creating Land and Water connections for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch within the Pudman Creek catchment. This planting is an important part of providing diverse water habitat for Pygmy Perch which live within sections of Pudman Creek.

Water plants protected from the next big rain event with a fallen branch

There is still an opportunity for additional landholders who reside in the Pudman catch to work with Boorowa Community Landcare on this grant, thus if you are interested please contact Kath McGuirk at

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