Podcasts – Are You a Convert?

Are you in the middle of harvest? Long drives for holidays ahead? Or do you have a few hours of house work to get through or a garden to weed? Why not download a podcast to listen to – pass the time and you can pick up some knowledge on your chosen field of interest or insights into other people’s lives or even have a history lesson. Here are a few podcasts we thought you may find of interest.

Farming and Agriculture Specific Podcasts – these have been recommended by the team at “The Farm Table” www.ag.farmtable.com.au – The Farm Table’s main aim is to make the web a better place for farmers, to provide a one-stop shop for you to go to for all your online needs. It is where farmers feel at home online.

• Beef + Lamb New Zealand Podcast: This podcast out of New Zealand focuses on specific topics and feature farmers and their learnt experiences.

• RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness Australia/New Zealand: Updated weekly, the Rabo podcast covers market movements and analysis over a range of commodities, export trends, supply chain insights and technology and innovation

• Mastermind Interviews (KLR Marketing – Interviews focus on some great Australian farming characters across our country.

• Bushtech – Agtech So What?: Hosted by Sarah from AgThentic and @bushtechsimon, the podcast focuses on “Demystifying emerging technologies and their potential impact on agriculture”.

If you want to move away from the farming topic there are many more podcasts
to try.


The Splendid Table


Burnt Toast

The Pass

Eclectic Mixture of everything

Conversations with Richard Fidler

No Filter with Mia Freedman

The Osher Gunsberg Podcast

My Open Kitchen

Beating around the Bush

This American Life



Modern Love: The Podcasts

Aunty Donna

Chat 10 Looks 3






A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

Real World Gardener with Marianne Cannon

Gardens Illustrated Series

Gardeners’ Corner with Cherrie McIlwaine – BBC Radio Ulster.

Gardeners’ Question Time – BBC Radio 4.

RHS Gardening Podcast.

Gardening With Tim And Joe – BBC Radio Leeds.

OG Gardening Podcasts

HISTORY with a twist

The Dollop

Revisionist History

The New York Public Library Podcast

There are so many more podcasts available have a search or a google and see what you find.

Glenice Buck
Glenice Buck

PH: 0417077386

Glenice is a landscape designer, horticulturist, garden writer and consulting arborist based in Young but she also works on projects throughout country NSW including Sydney. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Glenice enjoys visiting famous gardens, parks and nurseries around Australia and throughout the world. She is the principal of Glenice Buck Designs.

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