SES Young Promotes Family Friendliness

The SES Unit in Young have taken a more family orientated approach since Chris Duffey took over as Unit Controller in November last year. The unit has seen a lot more women participating over the past few months, with 17 volunteers all together, 9 of them being female.

Amy Ramsey joined in November and says that “Chris is very family friendly and makes it easy to work around family commitments. It shows that mums can go out and do just as much as dads”. The unit Is focusing on a more friendly, relaxed and happier environment for all of the volunteers. They are all united by the determination to support their community and be more involved in the town. Robyn Guymer joined with her husband and son to “give back to the community as a family”.

Unit Controller Chris Duffey says “the days are gone when you had to be on a roof at 2am. It doesn’t matter if you can’t climb a ladder, there is a role here for everyone”. The unit members range in age from 21 to 65 years old. All of them bring many different skills, interests and knowledge.

If you would like to become a member of the unit, join them on a Monday night at the SES Shed on Rockdale Rd, Young. You have to be 16 to join with a parent’s permission. You can speak to Chris and the unit and learn more about what’s involved.

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