Stand For Ukraine

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: The Group learned about Ukraine’s history and their desire to live in peace from Father Michael Solomko.

The First Friday Lunch Group (FFLG) held a Stand For Ukraine luncheon beside the Bill The Bastard sculpture on Albury Street, Murrumburrah on Friday, May 6.

The luncheon was well attended and the presenter, Father Michael Solomko from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church outlined Ukraine’s history which began long before Russia’s and spoke of Ukraine’s desire to live in peace.

A leader of the FFLG, Greg Medway said those who attended came because they wanted to listen to Father Michael rather than just sit in their lounge chairs watching the telly and thinking how terrible the war all was.

“They took action, offering Ukraine support - that is huge,” Mr Medway said. “And what really surprised me is everyone who attended willingly donated towards Ukraine’s plight.”

The group is planning a trip to the Ukrainian Museum in Canberra for their next First Friday Lunch to be held on June 3. Contact Greg Medway on 0487 028 657 or John Horton on 0419 204 364 for further details.

KP Carmody

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