The Little Cherry Tree Is In Full Blossom…

From baby gifts to everyday needs, The Little Cherry Tree has got you covered. There are always different things coming in and it’s always worth a stop in when you are on the hunt for something, especially as we head into the Christmas season.

Featured are some of Bendick Murrell’s local artist Nina Roderick’s artwork that is sure to refresh the house ready for the Summer and the holidays.

Her use of vibrant colours really brings to life her subjects and let us be honest if sheep were really all these different colours it would make shearing a lot more fun despite the downside of trying to class the wool.

Pretty in pink, Nina has captured the sweetness of swine with a beautiful portrait of a pig. This will definitely draw anyone’s attention, especially any Babe fans.

Dog lovers will be in love with these three mischievous Dalmatians. Two in rainbow colour and one in black and white, all are different and unique and complement one another.

Sick of the time getting away from you? Nina has got us sorted as we will all become clock watchers with her beautiful selection of clocks to choose from. Created from resin on old LP records, these will turn time around in any room in the house.

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