It’s Time to Clean Your Pool

With the heat of Summer in full swing it is important to keep those pools clean so you and the family can cool off. Lang’s Pools and Spas stock Dolphin robot cleaners manufactured by Maytronics. These cleaners have three really great benefits:

Save on power: Robots work independently from the pools filtration system, eliminating the need to pump water through meters of piping for filtering.

Save on water: Robots filter the water themselves, reducing clogging in the pool filtration system which translates in less backwashes.

Save on chemicals: Robots remove the dirt and debris rather than storing in the pools filtration system which otherwise produces cloudier water that requires chemicals to control

Dolphin cleaners use systematic, intelligent scanning to determine the shape of your pool and discover the best and fastest way to clean your pool. They clean the floor of your pool as well as climbing the sides of the pool to clean the walls. These machines have their own filters and their own power supply so they will not affect your pools filtration. The Dolphin M500 is the top of the range and offers features such as a cartridge filter for ultra fine filtering, a smartphone app for convenience and control, additional super-speed scrubbing brush to give you a sparkling finish and it suits pools up to 12 metres. Head in to Lang’s Pools and Spas to see a demonstration of how they work!

Glenice Buck
Glenice Buck

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Glenice is a landscape designer, horticulturist, garden writer and consulting arborist based in Young but she also works on projects throughout country NSW including Sydney. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Glenice enjoys visiting famous gardens, parks and nurseries around Australia and throughout the world. She is the principal of Glenice Buck Designs.

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