Tourism In The Region

Overseas tourists are visiting the region in greater numbers than ever before. According to the latest Visitor Survey last year there were 30600 international visitors to the area who spent $46.2 million dollars here. That’s an increase of approximately 76% from previous years.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke says that she is “thrilled that so many tourists are experiencing the sights, tastes and sounds the Cootamundra electorate and wider region have to offer.”

With travellers from China in particular flocking to Australia in record numbers, Hilltops Council is proactively seeking to attract more of these tourists to the region, with a dedicated Mandarin-speaking staff member working to enhance and promote our tourism sector. 1.33 million Chinese visitors hit Australia’s shores each year, spending $3.2 billion in NSW alone, and Council’s Tourism Manager David Newberry said Council is committed to securing a share of this tourism spend.

To also help boost visitor numbers A Destination Riverina Murray Plan has recently been launched. The Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan highlights key tourism attractions, analyses strengths and identifies opportunities, all in a bid to draw more crowds. Genevieve Fleming, chairperson of Destination Riverina Murray, said the plan provides a strong path forward for tourism.

“The plan will be essential in influencing and securing financial support from government or private investors for tourism projects and related infrastructure in the region,” she said.

“I encourage the many businesses and organisations within the region’s tourism industry to use the plan as a guide and work with Destination Riverina Murray to develop tourism businesses and visitor experiences.”

For more information on the Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan or for advice from Destination Riverina Murray, email

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