Tree Planting Season

Winter is fast approaching and so is the time to start buying your trees – it is a good time to plant both your farm or paddocks trees plus any bare rooted ornamental trees for your garden.

The combination of cooler weather and hopefully more rain is ideal for tree planting. Paddock trees or windbreak plantings can be bought in a tube stock size which are small narrow pots. Usually plants grown in this size are more of your native or evergreen varieties. The plants are young which means they will settle in to their new environments quicker than a larger plant and be more vigorous in their growth They also don’t have large roots systems which make them easy to plant as you don’t need to dig as large holes. It is still ideal to dig a hole approximate three times the width of the pot and approximately the same depth as the pot. Due to the tube stock plants being younger and smaller plants, they are more affordable to purchase especially as farm trees are usually bought in large numbers for areas like wind breaks.

At this time of year there is a large range of deciduous trees becoming available as bare rooted stock. As the trees are dormant at this time of year, growers are able to dig them from their growing beds and sell them without the extra soil around their roots. This usually makes them lighter to carry, easier to transport and they are usually a more reasonable price than a potted plant of the same size. It is still important to monitor the watering on all new trees through winter. Even though it is cooler plants will still need to have some watering.

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