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Welcoming new residents to Hilltops

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Hilltops Council has published online guides for new residents.
Hilltops Council has published online guides for new residents.Hilltops Council has published online guides for new residents.

A new residents guide and community directory are now available on the Hilltops Council website.

The primary aim is to provide people moving to the area with a range of information on Council, community services and facilities. Both have been written as a useful resource for existing residents too.

Hilltops General Manager Anthony O’Reilly said Council was pleased to add the New Residents Guide and Community Directory to its suite of Council created documents to help inform people of the many advantages of living in the Hilltops.

“For new residents especially, we know that when people locate to a new area you don’t always know things like what day does the bin go out, what do I need to do to register my pet or when is the local waste facility or library open,” he said.

“Council hopes these publications will support new residents who have moved to our region in their transition. Hilltops is a very diverse region, and we want our newcomers to be aware of everything on offer to help them settle in and lead fulfilling new lives with us.”

Council is inviting interested local real estate agents and home builders to provide the online document links to potential new residents looking to move here or as part of a welcome kit when they are handing over the keys on the sale of a house or a new build.

Alternatively, new residents to the Hilltops Council can call into one of Council’s Visitor Information Centres or Council Offices and request a hard copy print of the guides, when COVID restrictions allow.

Mr O’Reilly said Hilltops Council is committed to providing assistance where possible for new residents and businesses to make their move to the area easy and stress free, and these publications highlight why Hilltops is a great place to live, work and play.

For more information please contact Council’s Destination and Customer team on 1300 445 586.

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