20 Days Of Happiness Has Begun

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

20-Days-of-Happiness Bell-Piper
IMAGE: Bell Piper reads in the sun with her dog during last year’s Hilltops Youth Action Group 20 Days of Happiness Challenge.

Who would turn down 20 days of happiness? The Hilltops Youth Action Group had such a great response to their 20 Days of Happiness Challenge last year they decided to run it again this year.

Youth Engagement and Inclusion Officer Georgia Thomaidis said the focus of the challenge was to get young people healthy, happy, being kind and helping one another. “We ran this challenge last year and had over 380 participants,” Georgia said.

“Most High Schools got involved in the challenges they could do within the schools. We aim to bring a bit of positivity to young people’s lives.”

“Each day’s challenge was created by a Hilltops Youth Action Group member. It is also a great challenge to gain more of a following on our social media pages. We want to reach as many people in Hilltops as we can to ensure no one misses out on any future events or programs that we run.”

Each day has a different feel-good challenge for young people to complete, and for each day there is a different prize to be won. The challenges must be photographed and sent to the Youth Action Team via their Facebook or Instagram pages in order to be in with a chance to win one of the daily prizes up for grabs.

Entries must be sent through by 9am the next morning in order to be in the draw to win one of the many donated prizes. Photos can be sent from a parent’s or guardian’s phone, but you must be under 25 years old, live in Hilltops and like and follow the Hilltops Youth Action Group to have a valid entry.

Daily winners will be announced the day after the challenge. (Friday’s winner will be announced on Monday.)

Keep an eye on the Hilltops Youth Action Group’s Facebook and Instagram pages to learn what the next happiness challenge will be, and good luck.

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