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A Considered and Reasoned Voice for Hilltops

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Joanne Mackay has lived and worked in the Boorowa area for most of her life, a local for more than 50 years.

She has an extensive background in small business and many years of employment in government and private enterprise in Canberra.

“I believe I can bring a considered and reasoned voice to local government in our area. My current position with a large waste and recycling business in Canberra gives me insight into this essential industry and I recognise the environmental impact and financial gains in managing waste successfully at a local level. This understanding would easily translate to improvements in waste management for Hilltops Council,” said Joanne.

She is committed to a balanced and diverse Council and believes it’s time for a positive change.

“We are aware Hilltops Council faces financial and administrative challenges in the years ahead. Facing these challenges will be a shared responsibility and I’d like to play my part in meeting these demands as a member of Council. To have true representation on Council, it’s vital to have voices from all communities in Hilltops.”

“As a Boorowa resident, I hope to add to a balanced and diverse Council and to contribute to the successful future of the Hilltops region.”

John Niven

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