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Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Danette Watson

Danette Watson has turned a wellbeing practice into a sustainable business inspired by pure passion.

The mindfulness teacher has been practising yoga and meditation off and on since she was 18 years old.

After moving to Young and looking for a personal outlet away from the farm, Danette was confident to progress with the concept of her business after professional training.

“I finished my two-year yoga teacher and mindfulness-based stress reduction training and have been following these passions ever since,” Mrs Watson said.

Danette Watson Yoga began in 2010. She offers online classes, face to face classes in Young, workshops and retreats, international yoga treks, and one-on-one teaching or mentoring.

“I also work for the Australian mindfulness app ‘Smiling Mind’, facilitating workshops all over Australia in the corporate sector and primary and secondary education sector,” she said.

Danette hopes to open people up so they realise their potential. “I am passionate about so many aspects of my work but if I have to narrow it to one thing, it is: helping people feel good within themselves physically, mentally and emotionally,” she said.

“When you feel good on all these levels within yourself then you take that into your relationships, your work, your community and everything you do.”

Visit danettewatson.com.au or call her on 0419 242 053.

Danette Watson Yoga

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