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Amanda Ingall is a Halloween Champion

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Bronte and Asher.
IMAGE: Bronte and Asher.

Halloween has become a very special event in Boorowa, and all because of one very special person. Local Mum, Amanda Ingall, first came up with the idea of organising the event in 2016 to make sure that it was safe and enjoyable to participants and treat-givers.

Each year on the 1st of October, Amanda reaches out to Boorowa residents to ask if they would like to be involved. If people choose to participate, they forward their details to Amanda. People can nominate to hand out treats to children at their address, following COVID-safe practices. They can also nominate to leave treats out the front of their house using the honesty system, and/or they can nominate to carry treats with them while they walk around with their children.

Amanda keeps a list of treat-givers and families who go trick or treating so that everyone can be assured that the event will be run safely, and children won’t get disappointed when they knock on the Grinch’s door. Not that Boorowa houses the Grinch mind you, but Amanda’s organisation, which has treat-givers hanging balloons out to indicate their participation, ensures that it is a happy event for both givers and receivers.

This year, 35 people elected to give out treats, including Boorowa Recreation Club, the Boorowa Hospital, Boorowa Caravan Park, and the Boorowa Ex-Services Club. Approximately 150 children participated and everyone really got into the theme, with all manner of ghoulies and ghosties running around the town.

Some of the comments from participants included, “Amanda Ingall you are a legend!! My girls can’t wait, and we have a posse this year to walk around. Thank you for your community spirit and organisation”, “Thank you so much for organising this every year. The kids love it”, and “Thanks so much for all the time and great effort you put into this fun day for our town’s kids. You’re a champion”.

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