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Amy Continues To Strive For Excellence

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Amy Knapman looks back on her time at Hennessy Catholic College with fondness while continuing to work towards her goal of becoming a teacher.

Hennessy Catholic College celebrated excellent results for a number of their 2021 students, but none more so than Dux of the year and NSW All Rounder Amy Knapman with her ATAR of 98.45.

Miss Knapman said she very much enjoyed her time at Hennessy. “The school community enriched my learning and provided invaluable extracurricular activities,” she said.

“I am very grateful to all the teachers who were highly professional, dedicated, caring and committed. Overall, Hennessy provided me extensive opportunities, friendship and support.”

Miss Knapman acknowledged two of her teachers in particular.

“Mr Bigwood, my English and history extension teacher, is an inspiration due to his genuine interest and compassion, his expert advice as well as his great sense of humour,” she said.

“I also greatly aspire to be like Miss Hayes, my modern history teacher, due to her kindness, dedication and enthusiasm.”

Before deciding on a career in teaching, Miss Knapman had planned to go into another field entirely.

“I wanted to go into marketing and advertising because I do love the creative side of that,” she said.

“That’s why I studied art. I have wanted to be a teacher for a long time.”

“I think it became clear once I pursued all the humanities subjects.” After four years of studying to achieve her teaching degree, Miss Knapman said she would like to be teaching somewhere.

“Although I don’t yet have a plan for straight after graduation, I would love to teach in the international school system, predominantly in Europe - that is, when the world returns to normal of course,” she said.
The HSC is an important part of any Aussie kid’s schooling experience, but students over the last couple of years have also had to contend with the dreaded Covid virus messing up their schedule.

Miss Knapman said the biggest struggle for her was maintaining her motivation.

“The HSC was pushed back four weeks,” she said.

“Keeping up motivation for that long was difficult. You’ve just got to think of the end goal.”

When asked what her advice to students undertaking the HSC this year, Miss Knapman put it down to commitment.

“As cliche as this may sound, consistency is key,” she said. “Have a goal, whether it be university or even beating a sibling, and use this as motivation.”

“But not only that, pick subjects that you really enjoy - and if that means dropping maths, drop maths. You will do so much better if you have a passion that drives you.”

Miss Knapman is currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Canberra and majoring in Modern History and English via cross-institutional study at ANU.

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