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ANZAC – A Time For Reflection

Written by: Councillor Greg Armstrong

Greg Armstrong
Greg Armstrong

As we near the approach of ANZAC Day 2019, it is appropriate for all Australians to reflect on the immense sacrifice made by Australian and New Zealand military and civilian personnel to protect our freedoms, preserve our rights and uphold the values that we hold as a contemporary and tolerant society.

While there is no doubt that war is an absolute abomination, it is a phenomenon that has repeated all too often, sadly taking thousands of young and innocent lives and forever impacting on those who are left. The loss of so many gallant lives along with the immense hardship endured by family, friends and comrades can never be undone or made fade from our Australian history.

Nor should it be made to fade, for it is entirely appropriate that a country appreciate what it is that makes it great, celebrate what events and actions made it great, recognise the cost of being great and be respectfully thankful for those that paid the ultimate price.

ANZAC Day is cemented in our hearts, our history and our future as being both sacred and sad, proud and humble, appreciative and expectant. It is a time to understand that with sacrifice comes recognition and that in doing so, we do not glorify war but recognise those who have been glorified in war.

Throughout the Hilltops region this ANZAC Day, there will be public ceremonies at towns and villages and I urge all members of our communities to take some time out of their day to either attend a ceremony or visit a monument to pay their respects. Services will be held at Young, Boorowa, Harden-Murrumburrah, Bribbaree, Bendick Murrell, Galong, Jugiong, Monteagle, Murringo, Rugby, Koorawatha, Wirrimah and Wombat.

It will only take about an hour out of your day to acknowledge those who have given all they can give.

Lest we forget.
– Councillor Greg Armstrong

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