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Bec Jones is a lady who has a sense for fashion, a love for retail, and invigorates chic into children’s clothing.

As the owner and operator of Lime n Soda, a baby and children’s clothing store that also has gifts, she has injected a unique, chic and modern outlook into children’s clothing and accessories.

Once known as Kidz Kollection, Bec jumped at the opportunity to purchase the business in 2018, to reinvigorate baby and children’s fashion in Young. “I had worked in retail for the past 16 years and felt it was time to have a crack on my own,” Bec explains.

“The store came up for sale and I thought it was in need of a revamp and I was up for the challenge! I have now been open for 3 years and love it.”

“There is nothing better than hearing all the exciting stories of new babies arriving!”

Inspired by Bec’s own children, her love of fashion and retail, she aims to provide her customers with a diverse yet trendy twist in relation to all things children related, along with other stylish and cute items.

The combination of these modern and stylish brands allow individuals to purchase items that instil a certain degree of style for those modern minded parents, yet it still allows them to be kids.

The goal at Lime n Soda is to ensure that Bec and the staff can satisfy their customers interests and any queries they may have in a friendly and efficient manner.

They aim to satisfy each and everyone’s needs and wants with varying styles and designs.

“Feel free to contact the store anytime, send us an email with any queries you may have or even pop into the store - we are always happy to help!” Bec says.

Lime N Soda

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