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Students on the exploration day.
Students on the exploration day.
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Boorowa Central School and St Joseph’s Primary School in Boorowa are participating in several projects this term centred around biodiversity conservation. These projects are being supported by the Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) and include in-class lessons and field day excursions.

The BCT is working with Boorowa Community Landcare Group and Hovells Creek Landcare Group on this project. Boorowa Community Landcare Group and Hovells Creek Landcare Group are working on a program to save the Superb Parrot species, which is iconic to the area, through helping farmers and land managers look after hollow-bearing trees and woodland vegetation and to replant trees and shrubs for the future.

The Biodiversity Conservation Trust is an organisation working with private landholders to protect biodiversity on private lands. One of their key goals is to promote public knowledge, appreciation and understanding of biodiversity and the importance of conserving biodiversity.

Several students from Boorowa Central School were able to attend an exploration day at a local property and work with ecologists from the BCT to learn about the value of biodiversity on the farm. Both schools will be attending a field day in June where they will work with a range of scientists and the local Landcare groups to learn about a variety of topics such as habitats and hollows, the importance of ground cover and bird species of the local area. All of these projects and events will result in a book created by the students about the importance of nature on farms.

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