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Landcare Group Stall

2019 is a year for celebrations; the 130th birthday of the Boorowa Show, the 30th birthday of the Boorowa Community Landcare group and the 20th year of the ‘Building Bridges to Boorowa’ partnership.

North Sydney Bushcare has been annually visiting the Boorowa community to plant native trees and shrubs in tree lanes which provide shelter for stock and habitat highways for our native animals.

Boorowa Community Landcare are hosting their yearly stall at 130th Boorowa Show on Saturday 2 March and there will be activities for the young and not so young. Current and former Boorowa Landcare members are asked to bring in photos or newspaper articles of Landcare events which have been held in the last 30 years. Alternatively, if you have a tree lane that was planted by North Sydney Bushcare or TzuChi, a photo of that tree lane today would be appreciated. Planting trees and shrubs and viewing their growth over time is a great motivator to do more.

Boorowa Community Landcare will also be providing free native trees or shrubs which grow well in our region and are the preferred food source of our iconic Superb Parrot. The trees and shrubs have been grown by a neighbouring landcare group with funding from an Environmental Trust grant creating land and water connections for Superb Parrots and Pygmy Perch which is being administered by Boorowa Community Landcare Group. This grant focuses on protecting riparian habitat of the Pygmy Perch and creating new habitat for the Superb Parrot and other woodland birds.

So, join for a birthday party at the Boorowa Community Landcare site at the Boorowa Show and find out the latest in Landcare services and support within the region. Don’t forget to bring any photos of your Landcare activities or tree lanes - or just call in and chat about your former Landcare involvement.

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