Boorowa Celebrates 14th International Women’s Day

Speakers at the International Women's Day event.
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A large crowd celebrated the 14th International Women’s Day in Boorowa on Sunday.

The theme this year was “Skin Deep” and the program was composed of four inspirational speakers.

Dr Libby Weaver (PhD)
Dr Libby spoke of her three-pillar approach and how the body presents stress. She advised often it is how we respond to the stress, it is all about perspective and our perception of urgency and stress. She explained how we look for evidence to justify our beliefs and how our thoughts become stress. She spoke of the physical consequences of stress and how our body responds to the information we give it, how many of us are in pursuit of approval.

Dr Libby left many attendees assessing their “take on life” with a new wisdom and becoming more conscious of how our thoughts become actions. The enormous efforts Dr Libby made to come to Boorowa and her generosity was certainly appreciated. She was a breath of fresh air in today’s world and put simply, if we peel back the layers we can view life with fresh eyes and regain a sense of balance, not let things “get under our skin”!

Tanya Barton
Tanya explained the structure and layers of the skin, how cells talk to each other and what healthy skin looks like. Tanya introduced to the audience corneotherapy and how important it was to preserve the top layer of the skin. She spoke about how important our lifestyle was in maintaining healthy skin including developing good micro-habits such as drinking plenty of water, diet, exercise and sun protection. She spoke of gut health and good and bad micro-organisms and told how our skin is our individual thumbprint. She gave an overview on skincare and the benefits of a good routine and ingredients. Tanya finished with her ten tips for healthy skin.

Liz Giuliano
Liz shared with the audience her personal story of her families sleep apnea journey with small children, of feeling so alone and how she persevered with courage and found her own strength of character. She spoke about how being comfortable in your own skin is so important, our mindset and confidence and that beauty is deeper than skin deep.

Liz defined the many facets of the beauty industry including the latest techniques available. She described her hero products to add to your routine and emphasized the importance a good skin routine and looking after ourselves. Liz shared her wealth of knowledge and gave the audience an insight into today’s beauty world and with so many treatment options available and what she considered to be authentic but emphasised that beauty comes from within.

Peter & Suzanne O’Keefe
Peter and Suzanne shared their story after a shocking farm accident where Peter suffered severe burns, how their lives changed from that moment and their journey of recovery and resilience. A fighter from the core, Peter defied the odds surviving with sheer determination, but not without the strength of his wife and family. They have an unspoken code and explained how the accident has strengthened their relationship.

Peter explained how the support of his family and the local community was immeasureable in his recovery. Peter has a true strength of character coming to terms with not only the physical but mental aspects of his situation, how the simple things in life can become so challenging. With humour and an admirable approach to life, Peter and Suzanne continue their journey.

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