Boorowa CWA Mothers Group Calls For More Engagement

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Boorowa-Mother s-Group

Boorowa CWA Mothers Group may be on the verge of cancelling due to a recent lack of numbers.

The organisation was extremely popular, with a health turnout for many months, but after a sudden drop in numbers and no sign of improvement, organisers are afraid they may have to cancel the group altogether.

“It is disappointing to have to cancel because we had many donations made to us and it seems to be going to waste,” one organiser said.

“We need more people to run this group. It’s impossible to do it on our own.”

“We are planning to do days out in the warmer months to also help with numbers.”

There are also plans to change the day and time of the meetings to entice more participants.

The group is extremely important for mums who are struggling with motherhood or just need extra support.

Organisers said Boorowa lacked support systems for mothers and young children, so it is vital to keep such groups going for not only current mums, but future mothers.

These social groups are important for support and for friendship. Contact Boorowa CWA or Boorowa Ex-Services if you would like to join or find out more information.

The group currently meets weekly on Wednesdays at the Ex-Services Club at 10 am.

KP Carmody

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