Boorowa Gun Club Monthly ACTA Competition

Written by: Boorowa Gun Club

IMAGE: The Crisp family.

Boorowa Gun Clubs latest competition shoot was held on Saturday 25 June. A cold but mostly sunny mid winters day greeted 25 shooters for the June competition.

The first event of the day was the 25 target Handicap event. Xavier Thompson skinned the event with a 24/25. Xaviers first handicap win earning him an extra metre. Second and third place had to be decided with a shoot off with four shooters all scoring 23/25. Caleb Stringer, Brian Frost, Wendy Barton and Peter Bradford shot off with Caleb winning the shoot off to take second and Brian Frost coming third.

The second event of the day was the 25 target Point Score Cash Divide, Justin Smith and Tony Barton both scored 74/75 in AA. Peter Bradford scored 72/75 to take out A grade. Caleb Stringer took the prize for B grade with 67/75 and C grade was won by Brian Frost with a score of 69/75.

Event 3 was the 25 pair Double Rise, the overall winner with a 44/50 was Tracey Barton. First in AA was Tony Barton with 43/50 and second place went to Gavin Crisp with 39/50. A grade was won by Justin Smith with 33/50. B grade was won by Wendy Barton with 37/50 a shoot off was needed to decide the outcome of second in B with Chris Oehm and Nicole Crisp both tied on 34/50, Chris won the shoot off to take second. The C grade competition was won by Peter Bradford with 36/50 second place was won by Angus Ricketts with 35/50.

The final event for the day was the 20 Pair Douville Doubles Championship, the winning team was that of Wendy and Tony Barton, coming second was the team of Tracey Barton and Caleb Stringer.

The overall High Gun had to be decided by a shoot off. Tony Barton and Tracey Barton, were both tied on 137/150. Tony won the shoot off with a score of 12/12 to Tracey’s 9/10. The ladies High Gun therefore went to Tracey. The Veterans High Gun was won by Giulio Serafin with a 124/150 for the day.

The Junior High Gun was won by Xavier Thompson with a 114/150.

Boorowa Gun Club’s next shoot will be held on Saturday July 23rd which will be the Dennis Smith and Barry Cooper Memorial Shoot.

If you are interested in having a try at clay target shooting, the Boorowa Gun Club is open for practice for members and for beginners every Tuesday evening from 5.00 till 7.00pm. All ages and abilities 12 years and up. Photo ID is required.

KP Carmody

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