Boorowa Gun Club Monthly Competition

Early morning strategy session at the Boorowa Gun Club's monthly shoot.

Boorowa Gun Club’s May shoot caught the tail end of the recent run of sunny, late Autumn weather. A good roll up of visitors from Sydney, Orange, Bathurst, Goulburn, the Southern Highlands, Canberra, Yass and Cowra all made the trip to compete against local Club members.

The first event was the 25-target handicap, with Boorowa Club members Justin Smith, Gavin Crisp and Wendy Barton all shooting 25/25 to go into a shoot-off. Justin shooting from 25m won the shoot off. Wendy and Gavin both missed target no 3, so had to continue shooting off to decide second and third. Gavin came away with second with 21/22 and Wendy third with 20/22.

The event was the Central Zone Champion of Champions, with a Zone Sash up for grabs. The Champion of Champions incorporates three of the most popular types of events. There is the 25 targets double barrel (two shots may be taken at each target), 25 targets single barrel (one shot only per target) and 25 targets point score (3 points scored for a target broken with the first shot and 2 points scored for a target broken with the second) so the best possible score would be 125 points.

Justin Smith was the best on the day, only using his second barrel twice in the Point Score section to skin the event with a 123/125. Justin took the overall win and coveted sash. Hot on his heels was Grady Evans with a 122/125 and first in AA grade. Four AA shooters scored 121/125 and had to shoot off for second in AA with Giulio Serafin and Matt Gerstenberg both from Yass shooting 50/50 in the shoot off before splitting the prize.

A grade was won by Boorowa’s Mick O’Dowd with 121/125, with Kim Cox from Canberra taking out second place with 118/125. B grade was won by Neville Betts from Canberra with 121/125 and 2nd place went to Boorowa’s Damian Rowett with 118/125. John Thistleton won C grade using a borrowed gun with 115/125 with Ian Crisp taking out second place with 110/125.

Justin Smith was unstoppable, winning the overall High Gun as well as events 1 & 2 outright. The ladies High Gun was won by Boorowa’s Wendy Barton, with 146/150. Wendy also won the Ladies High Gun for the Central Zone event. The Veterans overall High Gun was won by Giulio Serafin from Yass with 142/150. Darryl Reed from Boorowa won the Veterans High Gun for the Central Zone Event.

All in all, a very successful shoot and as usual the office ran seamlessly with Garry and Christine at the helm. The food on offer was delicious, with special thanks to Geoff Mason trading his gun for a spatula and cooking up a storm. Special thanks also to Sandra Murphy who served up some fantastic lunch, morning and afternoon teas.

The Club’s next shoot will be held on Saturday 22 June, starting at 11.00am. If you’re interested in trying clay target shooting, the Boorowa Gun Club is open for practice for members and beginners every Tuesday evening from 5.00-7.30pm. All ages and abilities 12 years+. Photo ID is required and minors require a legal guardian.

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