Boorowa International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Boorowa celebrated the 13th International Women’s Day last Sunday, drawing a large crowd.

Hilltops Council would like to acknowledge the Boorowa Ex-Services & Citizens Club for providing the venue and their support and Richy Didge for the wonderful spread and flowers from Native Botanical.

The theme this year was “Old Habits Die Hard”. This event attracts women from afar.

The program was composed of four inspirational speakers:

Robyn Lewis, “The Smart Warrior”

Self-Management and Recovery Trainer (SMART)
Robyn spoke from the heart telling her story of recovery and regaining her life after 37 years of addiction to drugs and alcohol, in fact Robyn had six concurrent addictions. She told the compelling truths of life as an addict, the lengths she would go to for a “hit” and how soul destroying it was in every aspect of her life and losing her daughter the highest price to pay.

Having grown up in an abusive family environment she told how low self-esteem and the need to block out the pain found her way to drugs and alcohol. Robyn spoke of the SMART program that saved her, and how she made the decision to reclaim her life and that it is possible.

One can only admire her determination and true strength of character overcoming such trauma. Robyn spoke with such honesty explaining the raw facts of drug use. She told the audience of warning signs, what to look for and aides used. Robyn is passionate about educating others on how damaging drugs and alcohol are and how it can completely consume you. She says “Once is too often and a thousand will never be enough.” Robyn had a beautiful aura about her and the audience captured the real Robyn Lewis. Robyn, one incredibly brave woman, told how with grit and purpose she now has a life that is worth living. Look behind the addiction, we can be broken to the core but if we dig hard enough we can rise above our demons, reclaim our life and make a difference. (#thesmartwarrior)

Eileen Reckord – “Go Getter Goal Setter”

Positive Teacher of the Year – 2017
Eileen gave the audience tips on how to Set Goals for your New Habits to Maximise Success and Wellbeing. She explained to the audience how she came to delve into the world of positive psychology. Eileen believed she was once a pessimist and now a complete convert as a Positive Psych.

She explained the benefits of setting goals and how they improve your life choices and your ability to flourish. Eileen gave the audience a six point criteria for a flourishing life. Goals can give you purpose and meaning to daily life and improve your ability to cope with problems.

Eileen spoke of the power of the mind and how we self-talk sometimes negatively. She encouraged self-love and how we should be our own “best friend” and change the talk in your head to a positive conversation. How our thought patterns create experiences. She explained motivation from an intrinsic and extrinsic perspective.

After listening to Eileen it was no surprise she was recognized as Positive Teacher of the Year. She delivered her session with humour and zest empowering the audience to reap the benefits of setting goals to maximise success and wellbeing.

Cyndi O’Meara – “Bad Food Habits – Retrain Your Body”

Nutritionist & Founder of Changing Habits
Cyndi shared her journey of how she came to founder Changing Habits. Coming from a family with numerous serious health issues, she was determined to break the mould and obtain the best from her body, for both herself and her family. Having studied as a Nutritionist she had the knowledge and was keen to learn more about what we are in fact eating, what is in our food and how marketing can mask the real truths.

Cyndi explained the science behind nutritional packaging and encouraged the audience to read the ingredients. Cyndi explained how chronic disease has become a slow-motion plague and how society is now dealing with health conditions at an increasing rate not seen before - “how do old foods cause a new disease”.

She spoke of ancestral foods and going back to tradition. Cyndi explained how her own health took a dip and after research and eliminating certain foods she is now pain free. Cyndi certainly gave the audience something to think about when doing the next weekly shop. Cyndi was electric with energy to burn. She spoke with conviction and passion “that we are what we eat”.

Shanna Whan – “The Oldest Habit of All in Rural Australia: Our Love of Alcohol”

Sober in the Country
Shanna, one incredible lady, told her very personal story of how alcohol impacted her life in every aspect. How she grew up as a spirited tearaway country kid always running and enjoying freedom, how as she grew into adolescent years and, as she became older her dependency became more intense, spiraling out of control into full blown alcoholism.

She also told how alcohol masked the pain of something much bigger. She spoke of the stigma and the culture of alcohol in today’s society, in particular regional Australia and the impact on relationships and the community as a whole. How as a society we tend to profile alcoholics where often they can still be highly functional and screen what is really going on below the surface. Sharing her own journey how isolating and lonely a place it can be, she told how often alcoholics can be dismissed by society and simply slip through the cracks.

Shanna told how strength comes with surrender, and after a desperate search meeting a young couple gave her a light-bolt moment and that was the catalyst towards recovery. Shanna has proven that out of adversity comes strength of character and compassion to help others. She has gone on to establish Sober in the Country, an online support network. Shanna engaged the audience with her down-to-earth personality and candid approach. Shanna spoke with gusto and is determined to break down the barriers and make a difference... and she is. Shanna Whan is one dynamic woman!

The day is a great networking opportunity for women, it gives women a safe environment to start conversations, often sharing personal stories and developing friendships. Hilltops Council would like to thank the sponsors for their continual support of International Women’s Day. This event could certainly not be held without their support.

Hilltops Council, Boorowa Community Bank, Boorowa Arts and Craft Co-op, Local Land Services, Country Women’s Association – Boorowa Branch, Boorowa Lions Club, Boorowa Community Landcare, Rotary Club of Boorowa and the Rural Women’s Network. Hilltops Council would like to acknowledge the business houses who took the opportunity to support the event, those being: Boorowa Pharmacy, Boorowa Classic Cuts, Vanity Hairport, Bliss Hair & Beauty, Dwyers Cottage, Superb Country Flowers, Walsh’s Country Kitchen and Home Finch.

To the women who support this day and especially those who travelled some distance to attend and do repeatedly, thank you. Another successful day for the women of the Hilltops region and surrounding districts!

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