Boorowa Men Coach Rep Team

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


IMAGE: Cam Stanley (Coota), Charlie Brown (Harden), Will Wennerbom and Will Munday (Young) and Andrew and Benny from Boorowa.

Andrew Corcoran and Benny Johnson, some of Boorowa’s favourite rugby union coaches, have been given the opportunity to coach the central west rugby union rep team.

Their skill and love for the sport made the men the perfect fit for the role.

On the 10th and the 11th of June, Andrew and Benny stood with other men from the Hilltops region after their iconic win they brought home for the Bulls Central West Rugby Union team.

“It was a great honor for a bloke outside the traditional powerhouses of the Central West to be able to coach such a proud rugby zone.”

“The team played an amazing game and all completed their roles so well. To dominate a final that convincingly was very satisfying,” said Andrew Corcoran.

Many Boorowa locals sat at home and watched the men coach the Bulls to victory live from Tamworth on NSW Rugby TV.

The men made their home team and their town proud with their performance, with one local saying, “It was incredible to watch the Bulls win and know a few blokes from Boorowa coached them to that win.. Because of Andrew and Benny we got to show everybody the talent we have growing in our area.”

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