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Boorowa Men’s Den Holds AGM

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Peter Sheridan (left) being instructed by assistant forger Ken Bush on how the swing away system works.

At last week’s annual general meeting of the Boorowa Men’s Den, Will Kelly was elected President for his first term.

He succeeds Jerry Jowitt who served for 5 years. Chris Carter will control the finances and John Dymock has a firm grip on the secretary’s pencil.

Over the last three weeks, Shed members have dusted off skills learnt as children and youths to light up a forge.

Members unearthed two ancient hand driven forges, covered in spider webs and dust, unused for over 50 years to undertake the project.

Assistant blacksmith Ken Bush remembers his grandfather forging horseshoes and gate hinges.

With the best locally available steel rods, the team produced a small production run of campfire/fire pit swing away cooking equipment.

This gear required twisting red hot steel rods and bending the ends to produce a hook. The upright 12 mm rod required a circle on one end which tested the forging skills. The final welding was done by master welder Ken Bush.

Two of these ‘Swing Away’ units have been purchased by members to assist our colleague, Santa Claus, in his upcoming present delivery rounds.

New members are always welcome on a Wednesday or Thursday morning at the shed in the Showground.

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