Boorowa Rovers Qualify For Grand Final

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

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IMAGE: The Boorowa Rovers play their way into the grand final next weekend.

A lightning-fast goal attempt in the second half catapulted Boorowa Rovers into qualifying for next week’s grand final.

Boorowa Showground was full of cheers and positive energy despite the awful weather conditions as the mighty Boorowa Rovers surprised everyone by defeating Bungendore in a six tries to one romp.

With the second half ending at 0 - 0, it looked like a soccer-style penalty shoot-out was on the horizon, but when the Rovers started executing what they had practiced the entire season, the fans went berserk.

The team won 36 to 6 after the fair and hard fight, a fantastic win for the Rovers and Boorowa.

Following the Rovers team the Boorowa Under 17s capped off an amazing weekend in the local league with a 16 to 0 win at the South Coast.

It was the last round of the regular season and the girls are in the semifinals.

Their opponents are as yet unknown.

The ladies are extremely grateful for their fans joining them on their trek and cheering them on.

The Boorowa sideline never disappoints.

In the second semi-final, Harden won 32 to 14, ending North Canberra’s season.

The team is now off to Crookwell on Saturday, August 25 where they will play their hearts out in hopes of bringing home the grand final championship.

Harden will face Bungendore in the Sudden Death final game.

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