Boorowa Teen Working Toward Pump Track

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


Boorowa teen, Max Galvin is working towards having a pump track in Boorowa.

Boorowa’s Max Galvin looks like your typical 15-year-old teenage boy. “I’ve been going to Boorowa Central all my life,” Max said.

“I’ve lived in Boorowa all my life. I’m a very active and sporty kid. I try to participate in everything sports at school. I’m arty - I love to draw.”

Max has spent the last two years researching pump tracks across the State, though, looking for one he would be proud to have in his hometown.

With his proposal in hand, Max Galvin met with Hilltops Council Mayor, Margaret Roles, and General Manager, Anthony O’Reilly, during the last school holidays to pitch his plan of a pump track for Boorowa.

He explained what a pump track was, how it was used and how it could benefit the whole community.

“They’d love to put one in,” Max said.

As fantastic as that news was, the pump track is still a little way in the distance owing to the need for funds. At this stage, Max has been given the nod from Hilltops Council to look into possible grants to fund the venture.

Max would like to have a full three-track pump track, one for beginners, one for intermediates and one for advanced riders. The pump track at Camden, a proper track that Max found along his research travels, cost about $900,000 to construct. Max’s research puts each track’s value at around $350,000 each.

Max and his mother, Theresa dropped petition forms at local businesses to see how much support they could attract from the community.

If they are unable to raise the full amount, they will look at putting in an intermediate track first because it has the best opportunities for each of the users, from beginners to advanced riders.

In the meantime, get yourselves out to the shops, Boorowa and sign those petitions.

Let’s help this young man achieve his goal.

At this point, the most suitable site for the pump track is between the fire station and the skate park on Pudman Street.

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