Boorowa Welcomes Visit From Camden Rotary Club

The visiting Club members of Camden (President Stephen Humphreys-front middle) with Boorowa Rotarian Jenny Carter (white hat).

Recently, nine Rotarians and five spouses made the trip from Camden to Boorowa to establish a relationship between the Camden Rotary Club and Boorowa Rotary Club/the town of Boorowa.

The visit was part of a project called ‘Adopt a Town’, which was aimed at supporting drought affected towns and has recently been expanded to include bushfire affected towns.

The group arrived on a Friday afternoon, exploring the town before a welcome dinner at the Boorowa Hotel, which is owned by Boorowa Rotarian Mike Ward.

Following a group breakfast and shopping in town, the group boarded the Boorowa Hotel bus for a visit to racehorse stud Newhaven Park. Afternoon tea was had at Frogmore Community Hall, the site of the very first ‘Hat Town’ opened by Lee Kernaghan in 2001.

Saturday night saw the group visit a local fish farm in the company of local Rotarians to a meal of fish and lamb. On Sunday, the group travelled to a sheep farm owned by a Boorowa Rotarian where they experienced life on a farm.

President of the Rotary Club of Camden Stephen Humphreys said the group saw first-hand the patchy nature of the recent rain, “I think we were all surprised by the variation in the colour of the grass in different parts of Boorowa. Some areas had recently received 20mm of rain and were showing some green growth while other parts were a virtual desert.”

He said the group enjoyed the visit and is hoping to return to the town with more members, “The weekend cemented a very strong relationship between the two clubs and Camden Rotary Club has officially adopted the town of Boorowa. I hope more can join us when we next visit this beautiful town.”

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