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Boorowa’s “Meet the Candidates” Event

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Boorowa Rotary held a ‘Meet The Candidates’ event at the Boorowa Ex-Services and Citizens Club.

It was a full house at Boorowa Ex-Services and Citizen’s Club on the 22ndof November to hear from the 13 independent candidates for Hilltops Council at our upcoming local council election (4th December).

The brainchild of Boorowa Rotary, and ably chaired by Jenny Carter, this event proved a golden opportunity to meet the candidates and learn about their fitness for office, and their commitment to enhancing prosperity and wellbeing across the Hilltops region. Current Mayor, Brian Ingram, was one of the candidates at the event, along with current Hilltops Councillors, Tony Flanery, Margaret Roles, John Horton, Matthew Stadtmiller, and Greg Armstrong.

In addition to these current councillors, former Mayor and Councillor, Tony Hewson has put his hand up for the 2021 election, along with John Niven, former Councillor for Weddin Shire Council. Newcomers included Mary Dodd, Patrick Fitzgerald, Alison Foreman, Joanne Mackay, and John Piper, and a snapshot of their views is included here:

Mary Dodd (Young) spoke about her contribution to the Young community, including acting as Secretary for the New Life Church, and work on her children’s P&C committee, amongst others. Mary spelled out her commitment to integrity, sustainability and collaboration, and spoke convincingly about the need to have diversity of views and backgrounds on Hilltops Council.

Patrick Fitzgerald (who lives between Harden and Young) said that he is a teacher of mathematics at Murrumburrah High School, holds a Master of Mathematics degree, and has comprehensive experience in administration and management. Patrick stated that it is very hard at present to know what is going on inside the Hilltops Council, and said that he’s committed to enhancing the Council’s consultation with residents and rate payers.

Alison Foreman (Young) talked about her work experience in management and how it had fostered her strong work ethic and leadership skills. Alison said she wants to enhance tourism in Hilltops and forge better linkages between tourism and business. Alison has been instrumental in establishing the Young Business Network and the Hilltops (Young) Christmas Spending Spree, amongst others.

Joanne Mackay (Boorowa) talked about her background in waste management and expressed confidence in the current Council’s roadmap to achieve financial health. She said that rate variation might have to come into play to enable the deficit to be overcome. John Piper (Boorowa) talked about his involvement in the Boorowa community, including the Boorowa Ex-Services and Citizen’s Club, and how he turned around a failing Wollongong business.

After the event ended, members of the audience expressed thanks to Boorowa Rotary for holding this informative and important event.

John Niven

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