Boorowa’s New Councillors

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


As we know, the election for Hilltops Councillors took place on the 4th of December 2021, and as a result the new Hilltops Council, led by Mayor Margaret Roles and Deputy Mayor Alison Foreman, has been established.

The two Boorowa candidates, Jo Mackay and John Piper were both elected to Council, and the Hilltops Phoenix caught up with them both this week to check in and see how they are faring.

It’s well known that it usually takes three months before new employees “get up to speed” and begin to find their feet. Both Jo and John say that they’ve been ably helped thanks to the comprehensive induction provided by Council.

At the moment they are both busy learning about Council, their fellow Councillors, Council culture and protocols.

There is a sense of energy and enthusiasm about the future for Hilltops, albeit tempered by the knowledge of financial constraint. There is a growing wish list, but it will take time and judicious use of resources before people will see change.

Jo and John are open to hear what constituents have to say and what their needs are.

Jo would prefer it if people could contact her by email ( John, on the other hand, would prefer a phone call (0488 715 530) followed up by an email (

We wish Jo and John all the best for the future.

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