Boost your immune system naturally

fresh fruits and vegetables
fresh fruits and vegetables

There’s a lot we can do to naturally boost our immune system, mental wellbeing and vitality during colder months.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables increases our immune system through a boost in vitamins and minerals. Less well-known is the importance of essential amino acids available. Research has discovered these are the building blocks for a healthy human body and immune system. They can’t be synthesised in our body, therefore we rely on our diet to access them.

Soil health affects the amount of essential amino acids produced by plants. Produce grown in microbial rich soils will help ensure the foods you eat are rich in essential amino acids.

Eating a variety of plants on a regular basis is a simple strategy for maximising vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids available. Trying different varieties, especially bright coloured fruits and vegetables, will introduce a new array of micronutrients.

Another strategy is optimising your vitamin D. It’s well researched that your risk of falling ill from viral infections can be significantly reduced through optimal Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D also reduces depression and other health conditions.

Skin manufactures vitamin D through the sun, however during winter our exposure is limited. Certain foods are higher in vitamin D however many health professionals recommend supplementation. Consulting your trusted health professional will confirm your vitamin D levels.

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