Cafe Staff Donate Tips For Flood Affected

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


IMAGE: The team at S&AJ Cafe and Restaurant, with the help of their loyal customers, raised $560 in tips to donate to those affected by the floods.

Great tragedy and devastation can often bring out the worst in people, but they have also been known to bring out the best.

Cherryl Dabuan and her husband, Aldrin, who took over S&AJ Cafe and Restaurant in Young on December 1 last year wanted to do something for people who had been hit by the recent floods.

They spoke with all of their staff who all happily agreed to combine their tips as a donation to help their fellow humans.

“We want to donate all our tips since December when we took over the business,” Ms Dabuan said.

“Some of the customers put in $20, some put in $5.”

“We want to thank all the staff and customers for their generosity.”

They managed to raise $560 which Ms Dabuan took to IGA to purchase vouchers valued at $100 each for flood-affected people to use to purchase food and other essentials.

Some of the communities who have been affected by these floods lived through the same devastation only last year.

When you add bushfire and a pandemic, it is clear to see that every little bit of support is needed to help see them through.


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