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Community celebrated companionship in Neighbourhood Centre Week

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

The Hilltops Community Hub offers experiences for all ages.
The Hilltops Community Hub offers experiences for all ages.The Hilltops Community Hub offers experiences for all ages.

The Hilltops Community Hub celebrated Neighbourhood Centre Week with an open day on Wednesday, to showcase the multifaceted services on offer at a place where everyone is welcome.

The week’s theme is ‘Loneliness: the solution is community’.

Hub Manager Naomi Peters said the event gave people a chance to come along and see what individually appealed to them.

“I think the recent pandemic and lockdown highlighted isolation and loneliness and the need for strong community ties and connections,” Ms Peters said.

“Often people don’t know what a Hub is, does or offers and I think this is a great opportunity to showcase some of the activities and programs that we do as part of building a stronger community.”

Hub staff offered information on their family support services, parenting programs and children’s activities. Information about social programs such as art, craft and computer groups was also passed on.

“It was fabulous just to meet all of the community members that came through and get some really positive feedback on our work thus far,” Ms Peters said.

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss at length the needs and wants of the community going forward and just listen to people. Nothing beats seeing such a broad range of community members come together and connect, such as children playing and adults meeting new faces and catching up with others they may not have seen in a while.

It sometimes feels like we’ve lost a lot of those old time connections and feelings of neighborly companionship but days like Hub Open Day give hope and show that the value of those things hasn’t diminished.”

Naomi said the staff motto is, ‘everyone who walks in should walk out having been heard and offered strategies, information or solutions to whatever is happening for them’. This was definitely seen on Wednesday.

Visitors are always welcome to the Hilltops Community Hub at 2c Campbell Street in Young on weekdays.

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