COVID check-in comes in

IMAGE: QR code check-in in all businesses will be enforced from next Monday. IMAGE: Service NSW
IMAGE: QR code check-in in all businesses will be enforced from next Monday. IMAGE: Service NSW

From next Monday, it will be mandatory for New South Wales workplaces and retail businesses, including in rural and regional areas, to have a QR code check-in system.

It does harp back to restrictions in the dark days of last year’s COVID-19 outbreak, while case numbers are nowhere near the number they were.

Even with no cases in the Hilltops, Boorowa Business Chamber President Angus Mitchell said this is no reason to get complacent.

“It’s very good to make sure the regions are properly observing the rules associated with COVID restrictions. When COVID first hit, we didn’t have to do a lot in the country,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Last year, we had our lockdown and a lot of the shops in Boorowa closed and that’s fine. Then once people were able to travel; we had people coming in from Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra and we didn’t have any restrictions around using the QR code.”

“The pubs and clubs certainly did the QR code. Generally retailers weren’t in that position.”

While it’s a new thing for more members of the business community to comply, many have brought in a mandatory check-in before deemed necessary.

“It’s good to see that the businesses in town and the people are observing a lot of the new rules, including the compulsory mask wearing,” he said.

“It’s important. Because if someone from outside of town comes through, and they eventually find out that they have COVID, then it’s important that everybody around is alerted.”

Given Boorowa is a town of 1,200 people, Mr Mitchell said this could be “devastating” to our community.

He said it’ll give us certainty, especially as a tourist town.

In the expansion of the check-in mandate are all retail businesses, supermarkets, churches and offices as well as manufacturing and warehouses. Delivery drivers need to check-in and even takeaway customers must do so at hospitality businesses.

Owners who fail to comply may face fines or temporary closure orders.

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