Did You Say Pocket Money?

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Jack and Sienna.

Two Harden entrepreneurs believe that it is never too early to start earning your own money.

Jack and Sienna Waldon, 5 and 3 respectively, have set up shop outside 128 Albury Street to earn a little pocket money.

Their proud mum, Centaine Waldon said they were discussing pocket money, and the fact that his cousins receive pocket money for chores, and were throwing around a few ideas.

“He came up with selling flowers,” Ms Waldon said.

“We chatted about it and how flowers aren’t always in season so we eventually came up with seeds and doing a market stall, as Jack calls it, out the front.”

When asked how he got his business started, young Jack said he got his idea from seed packs.

“We got the bookcase from Aunty Bres and we painted it and put chalkboards on it,” he said.

“I make stuff and people buy it.”

His sister, Sienna said her job was to grow plants.

Jack gave credit to his parents for their efforts in his little venture.

“Mum cuts and sticky tapes the packs because the scissors aren’t safety ones,” he said.

“Dad actually does some stuff like pickled tomatoes and chillis.” Jack also has plans for his hard earned money.

“I want to buy Lego technic and buy more plants for the garden,” he said.

Sienna said she wanted a Barbie.

Jack has always been interested in gardening and has acquired a number of gardening skills and equipment over the years.

As well as wanting to be a helper in the garden section of Bunnings, Jack dreams of being a firefighter when he grows up.

Sienna wants to be a gardener and save kitties.

When not working, Jack likes to plant and go to the playground and play in the backyard while Sienna likes to go to the playground and make craft and go to dance class.

The young Waldons have seed packets and other bits and pieces up on their market stall, which their father helped them build, and they will keep adding to their wares as they make more things and grow more veggies.

KP Carmody

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