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Donna Williams - Aqua/Gym

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My name is Donna Williams. I have been a Hydro Rider Instructor since 2010. I run my business in an undercover heated pool for most of the year.

The Hydro Rider is a unique piece of equipment, made in Italy for the purpose of cycling in water. The benefits of this class is that the resistance is determined by an adjustable paddle and the intensity is determined by how fast or slow you peddle, making this class suitable for any age group or fitness level.

The reason I became an Aqua/Hydro rider instructor was I wanted to find a form of exercise for people whose choice of exercise is limited. When I found this option, I knew it was going to make a difference.

The Hydro rider is low impact, reducing muscle soreness. It increases functional movement and mobility and is great for weight loss.

Participants arrive with various ailments and fitness levels, and over a period of time they tell me it is changing their lives. This is what I love about my job, my passion is making a difference .

I think passion is the secret to business. Find what you love and make it work for you.

I am a woman in business and feel so proud of what I have accomplished so far . Come and join me in 2021.

– Donna Williams

Donna Williams Aqua/Gym

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